Special-needs teen disappears from school

The parents of 15-year-old Paris McCoy say he was last seen at the Science Skills Center High School in Downtown Brooklyn on April 29. (5/7/15)
DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN – A special-needs teenager walked out of school last week and hasn’t been seen since, according to family members.
The parents of 15-year-old Paris McCoy say he was last seen at the Science Skills Center High School in Downtown Brooklyn on April 29.
Family members are distributing fliers and canvassing the streets in hopes of finding the teen, who suffers from ADHD and behavioral disorders that require medication.
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McCoy is supposed to have around-the-clock supervision, but when his parents arrived to pick him up from school last Thursday, they say he was nowhere to be found.
“My concern is that he’s out there and easily manipulated, that someone is going to get him to do things that he’s not doing normally,” says his mother, Kathy McCoy.

Special-needs teen disappears from school

Saturdays May 9, 2015 Meeting is Canceled


Have a safe and Blessed Happy Mothers Day!!

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Hello All-

We will be offering standardized testing at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, in Tannersville, again this year. February 27th is the last day to order your
test through Bob Jones in order for it to arrive in time for our scheduled testing dates of March 30-April 1. (Tests ordered after February 27th may incur rush shipping charges.)

You must contact Bob Jones directly to order your test at www.bjupress.com. (OrderLink: http://www.bjupress.com/category/iowa-tests-homeschools)

Before you order your test, you will need to pre-register, so that we may ensure that we have received the correct testing information for your student. It is extremely important that you use the attached registration form so that we have all of the necessary information. You may copy and paste the info into an email.

The deadline for PRE-registering with us is February 23rd. PLEASE PUT “IOWA TEST REGISTRATION” AS THE SUBJECT IN ALL EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE, SO IT IS NOT OVERLOOKED! We understand that homeschool schedules can be very full. However, we encourage you to make it a priority to register on or before the deadline. Late registrations will not be accepted.

The testing fee is a nominal $20 per family. We will guarantee testing for grades 3-8. If we have sufficient interest and testers, we will offer testing for second graders (LEVEL 8) and high school students. Please let us know a.s.a.p. if you would like to test your 2nd grader or high school student.

As always, we are looking to expand our pool of eligible testers! If you would like to serve our home school community through testing, and you meet the requirements to be a certified tester, please contact Deb at debmont@verizon.net. (See requirements at end of email.)
Please remember that this is a ministry designed to meet the testing needs of our homeschooling community. It is a service that affords families access to testing at a nominal cost, and provides a comfortable, loving and (over the years) familiar atmosphere in which our youngsters can test. These are all factors that can have an impact on a student’s test performance.

If you meet the qualifications, please consider joining us as a tester/administrator for this year. There is a small stipend for your time. Please contact Deb at debmont@verizon.net to confirm commitment and for further information on how to register with BJU as a tester. Thank you, in advance, for offering to share your talents with the group!

Please refer to the attachment for additional testing information and the Registration Form. All information requested is necessary for verification, so please make sure you have included everything requested in your email.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

We look forward to another successful testing year!

In His Service,

Deb Esposito
Testing Coordinator



Testers must be pre-approved with us for this series by completing an online application and have/be one of the following . . .
· A Bachelor of Arts or Science degree
· Teacher certification by a state department of education to teach in a public school (homeschool or local association certification does not qualify)
· A current (or former) full-time academic classroom teacher in a conventional school (not a homeschool)
If you have questions about your eligibility as a tester, please contact BJU Press Testing & Evaluation at 800.845.5731 or testing@bjupress.com.

Webinar free: “Understanding Evaluations”

Here’s a reminder about the free “Understanding Evaluations” webinar next Wednesday, February 18!

For those of you who are fellow homeschoolers, the word “evaluation” probably brings to mind portfolio reviews at the end of the school year. That is not the topic of this webinar. “Understanding Evaluations” is about deciphering the results of assessments by health professionals that you may have set up for your child who has special needs, to help determine need and eligibility for certain services, such as speech therapy or occupational therapy for fine motor skills. Basically, how to get the help you may need for your child.

These Webinars are interactive, so you can ask a question and have it addressed during the session and exchange ideas. Or, as with the others, you can view the session when it is available in the archives about two weeks after the live session takes place.
“WEBINAR Wednesday” – FEBRUARY 18
Register here:
WEBINAR TITLE: Understanding Evaluations: What Do the Results Mean for My Child?
with presenter Annemarie Clarke, PhD

February 18 7:00 – 8:30 PM

:atino woman looking at a document and looking confused.

Learn about different types of evaluations/assessments as well as:
· interventions and services needed based on evaluation results
· questions to ask to develop a program based on your evaluation
· assessments to be aware of and how they affect your child
Annemarie Clark, PhD — PA Licensed Psychologist, PA Certified School Psychologist, Corporate Officer for Behavioral & Developmental Services at SPIN/Philadelphia Autism Center for Excellence and currently on the leadership committee for the Philadelphia Autism Project
REGISTER NOW online at

· FOR MORE INFO: Cathy Roccia-Meier
Tel: 215-204-1772 voice / 215-204-1805 TTY
Fax: 215-204-6336 Email: cathyrm@temple.edu
From our webpage you can access 4 archived C2P2 FL webinars?
March 18– Cyber Safety (webinar) and May 9 –Transitions (live session)
logo for Institute on Disabilities at Temple University

So many Parents are in need of just a friend or support

SPECTRUM is a social/support group for area teens (14 – 20) and their parents, meeting weekly in and around Severna Park, Maryland. SPECTRUM was created by students, for students, to help foster friendships and to stem the tendencies toward anxiety,…

Aspies need friends too! It is always hard to find a group who will accept all the quirks and hiccups that can come along with social outings and one where parents are supported with our children’s journey. I would love this group to be such one. My 11 year old Aspie son would love to meet other tweens and get together to play computer games, go to movies, check out museums together or go to the park for nerf wars. All other suggestions for outings are welcome.

This support group is for Adults with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Asperger’s, or other social issue that affects social interaction/relationships. If you have difficulty having conversations with others, starting or keeping friendships/relationships, have difficulty understanding or being understood by others, and/or would like to improve how you interact with others socially, this group is designed for you. Please EMAIL Info@CGonzalezCounseling.com to join at least one day before arriving to a meeting. Feel free to email questions any time. Please email your preferred weeknight if Thursday nights are not good and I will take the consensus of the members. Meetings are $30 each, cash or check, due at each meeting.

HI! The intent of this group is for young adults with Asperger’s to have a safe, welcoming place to forge friendships in a social setting. We are new to the area and my 18yr old daughter is having a hard time meeting people. Let’s get a group going!!

This is a group for parents with teenagers on the autistic spectrum that wants to meet to hang out. I have a teenage boy that is 16 and wants friends. Both boys and girls are welcome. He just wants to connect with other teenagers like him. We can meet where ever once every couple of weeks to start. It is also for moms/dads to meet and talk. There is no groups like this in Flagstaff that I can find for him.

We are people in the Flagstaff area/ NAU students with Aspergers that would like to meet more people like us. This is a social group with various activities such as hiking, movies, holiday parties etc.

Do you just need someone to talk to about your last standing room only IEP meeting to someone who has been there? Unlike all of the other similar LA groups, we will not be meeting on weekdays. Half the battle is managing our kids’ special needs and keeping the jobs we need to support them. We are moms and dads who want to hang out evenings and weekends with our school age kids in a safe space where no one will judge you for your kid’s meltdown or their awful table manners or the way they don’t look at you when they talk. We get it, and we want friends like us!

This group is for teens and/or parents of teens w/social complications. I have 2 hopes for this group: Hope #1- that teens who have OCD can get together and share experiences …. Hope #2- that their parents can do the same. Either way is good, both ways would be AWESOME!

This group is for people who are diagnosed or self-diagnosed with Adult Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism that are interested in a peer group for sharing stories, providing resources and finding a safe place to give and get support. We will meet once a month and maybe more frequently if we want to organize outings.
Welcome to CASPAN, the Chicago Autism SPectrum Adult (and Teen) Network! Meet with local teens, young adults and adults affected by Asperger’s, autism, PDD-NOS, and related autistic spectrum and pervasive developmental issues. Both formally and self-diagnosed people attend regularly. We have several different groups around the Chicago area. We currently list support groups that meet in Barrington, Palos Hills, Naperville, Palatine, and downtown Chicago. We additionally have groups just for Women on the Spectrum and the LBGTQ Community on the Spectrum. In addition to the monthly support groups, we have more casual social activities. Keeping the needs of people with Asperger’s in mind, these social outings periodically meet at various locations. We have also attended and tabled at a number of autism conferences around the Midwest. We are always looking for suggestions for future activities, discussion topics, and new groups. If you are looking for information on the GRASP Chicago group in Evanston, please visit http://www.grasp.org/res_sg.htm . *A parent or guardian must register teen members under 18, per Meetup regulations. *Please check the ages for each group before RSVPing.

Do you have AS or are you a high-functioning autistic? While everyone’s different, you feel really different, but can’t put your finger on it. Ya we know how that is.

Each month we schedule a couple get-togethers in different places around LA. Want to belong and be normal for once? Wouldn’t it be nice to meet people and not get that awful feeling? Here’s your chance. When you are with us you are “normal” and you do belong. It takes a while to get used to being ‘okay’ after a lifetime of being on the outside. We provide a fun, pressure-less social environment where you are accepted just as you are. For a couple hours you can just be yourself, do what you do, say what you say and not have to worry or feel bad. Even if we did notice we wouldn’t care because we have the same thing you do. Man I love that, it’s just magical!

Look, you are different true, but in a really cool way, and we will like you. Come on, join us. You don’t have to be alone anymore. It’ll be fun.

The Houston Autism Group is a forum for friends and family members of individuals with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and PDD-NOS. We do not currently have a regular meeting time. Guest speakers visit to share knowledge on topics ranging from financial planning to helpful hints for preparing GFCF meals. Our groups are often just social without any speakers, but we would love suggestions on speakers if you have any. Whether you’re looking for information or some friendly support, we invite you join us!

These are the numbers of groups just on one network:

Role Play

Title: Role Play
Instructor: Andrea Johnson
2-hour program, No charge
Tue 5:30-7:30 p.m. 1/13-2/17
Students will enjoy a fun, innovative way
of learning skills through games, skits,
and exercise. Children that may have
difficulty with nonverbal cues, socializing,
holding conversation, or unspoken
rules will benefit from this class. Ages
Date: 2015-01-17

Role Play

Title: Role Play
Instructor: Andrea Johnson
2-hour program, No charge
Tue 5:30-7:30 p.m. 1/13-2/17
Students will enjoy a fun, innovative way
of learning skills through games, skits,
and exercise. Children that may have
difficulty with nonverbal cues, socializing,
holding conversation, or unspoken
rules will benefit from this class. Ages
Start Date: 2015-01-13
End Date: 2015-02-17