Thank You


Thank you God
A special shout out to Maly, Shak and Tariq who help me in so, many ways and I love and appreciate each and every very special one of them.
A special shout out to My Husband I love U……….
A special Shout out to my Mom Lov U
A special shout out to my Sis who comes out and supports at every event (well or not, and my nieces). Love u
A special shout out to Carmen who sat out in the sun with my mom and I till closing. She helped pack the truck .clean up ,never complained about anything and told me a few things. She helps me to see the bright side. I appreciate U and my Sis for your sacrifice.
Special shout out to the backstage crew Pam and Vallare who bless, bless, bless
(where people may not always know or see) B.A.S.I.C

Thank you to the Angels that God sends when I need them and without them it would not be the same.