Preparing to go to College. Are you productive?


words4Questions about your interests and activities.

What personal traits would you like to see yourself build in the next four years?
What articles and/or books have you read in the last year that have special meaning for you and why?
Do you have any hobbies or special interests?
In your life, what experiences have been most important to you?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
Describe a challenge you’ve had and how you overcame it.
How did you spend last summer?
What do you do in your spare time?
What do you do with any money that you earn?
Have you ever been a volunteer?
What questions do you have for the interviewer?
Questions about attending this college.

Questions about attending college.

Why do you want to attend this college/university?
Why should we (the college) accept you for admission?
What is your career goal and how would a degree from this college help you achieve that goal?
What qualities make you a good choice to attend this college?
What other colleges are you considering?
What interests you the most about this school?

Summer Fun Ideas

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14. scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.
13. Make a root beer float.
14. Go to the movies with your siblings.
15. Go window-shopping with a friend.
16. Write a poem.
17. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.
18. Give your dog a bath.
19. Make dinner for your family.
20. Baby-sit for a neighbor. 21. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies.
22. Plan a vacation you want to take next summer.
23. Plant flowers in your yard.
24. Sign up for a class.
25. Have a bubble bath.
26. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “The soundtrack of my life”.
27. Order a pizza.
28. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool.
29. Buy some crayons and a coloring book.
30. Read a book based on a movie you have seen.
31. Make a scrapbook of your baby pictures.
32. Get a job or an internship.
33. Start a diary and write in it everyday.
34. Spend the day at the library.
35. Draw a self-portrait.
36. Make a collage out of old magazines.
37. Run around in the sprinklers.
38. Go to a museum.
39. Go out for lunch with one of your parents.
40. Jump in the pool with your clothes on.
41. Eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast.
42. Learn to sew or knit.
43. Invite friends over and have a tea party.
44. Swing on the swings at the park.
45. Tie-Dye a t-shirt or bed sheets with Kool-Aid!
46. Make a smoothie.
47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.
48. Make popsicles in your freezer.
49. Put on the radio and dance.
50. Go camping in your backyard!

Tell us how you enjoy your summer..