Just A Phone Call Away


Last week I received a phone call from a young man named Kevin Carroll. To make a long story short,he called me to ask for my support. He is working on a school project that may benefit a lot of people. He was well spoken,manner-able,clear,and full of passion all the criteria that make up a good leader. Kevin was just a phone call away. So, I filled out the form and told him I would post it. Please take the time to read his letter and you decide.

Dear Parent of a Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder,

My name is Kevin Carroll. I am a student at Yorktown High School in Westchester County, NY.

I am doing a survey based research project on autism and parenting styles in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of families that have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am working with Autism support groups from all around the USA as they are helping me to distribute the information and survey link.


The reason I wanted to carry out this research project is because I am constantly in awe of how my single mother copes with the challenge of taking care of and raising three boys with ASD including myself. I wanted to try to help parents of children with ASD by hopefully finding trends amongst those families that report a strong parent-child relationship.

In doing background research on strategies for helping children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I found that there is a lot of research on how child behaviors affect parental stress and the parent-child relationship. What struck me was that there was very little research on how parentally controlled variables like parenting style affect parent-child relationship. My goal is to address this gap in research.
In order to achieve my goal, I am hopeful that you will consider taking part of my anonymous, online survey by clicking on this link

I would be glad to send you the final results of my nationwide survey in the upcoming months just as I will be doing with numerous, nationwide autism support groups. I am hoping that this research may help us to determine which styles or behaviors lead to an improved relationship between parent and child as well as reduce stress in parents of children with ASD.

Thank you for considering to help me, help parents of children with ASD by participating in the survey

If you have any questions and/or would like to receive the results in the upcoming months, please email me at kevin.carroll@yorktown.org

You can also email my teacher, Mr. Blueglass at mblueglass@yorktown.org
Thank you very much
Kevin Carroll