Methods of Action


Here’s 3 quick and easy Asperger’s parenting methods, to
cope with difficult behaviors:

Time out

Your child is removed from a situation, so they have time
to think about the behavior and cool off.

Time out gives you time to create your plan of action for
the behavior, and decide what to say to your child.

Role play

You can practice so your child discovers the correct way to
act in certain situations.

For example, if your child is hitting others; you can role
play the correct and incorrect way to act.

Start with the incorrect action and let your child help you
find ways to correct the behavior, in the next role play

You may also want to consider social skills training for
your child if you don’t feel comfortable with this.

They may be more likely to follow directions from an
outside person than you.

Behavior contracts

This is a good way to get your child to correct behaviors
and get something in return.

You and your child need to sit down and decide what goes in
the contract and both agree on the terms.

Give your child a visual contract so they can revisit as
needed . . .