Webinar free: “Understanding Evaluations”

Here’s a reminder about the free “Understanding Evaluations” webinar next Wednesday, February 18!

For those of you who are fellow homeschoolers, the word “evaluation” probably brings to mind portfolio reviews at the end of the school year. That is not the topic of this webinar. “Understanding Evaluations” is about deciphering the results of assessments by health professionals that you may have set up for your child who has special needs, to help determine need and eligibility for certain services, such as speech therapy or occupational therapy for fine motor skills. Basically, how to get the help you may need for your child.

These Webinars are interactive, so you can ask a question and have it addressed during the session and exchange ideas. Or, as with the others, you can view the session when it is available in the archives about two weeks after the live session takes place.
“WEBINAR Wednesday” – FEBRUARY 18
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WEBINAR TITLE: Understanding Evaluations: What Do the Results Mean for My Child?
with presenter Annemarie Clarke, PhD

February 18 7:00 – 8:30 PM

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Learn about different types of evaluations/assessments as well as:
· interventions and services needed based on evaluation results
· questions to ask to develop a program based on your evaluation
· assessments to be aware of and how they affect your child
Annemarie Clark, PhD — PA Licensed Psychologist, PA Certified School Psychologist, Corporate Officer for Behavioral & Developmental Services at SPIN/Philadelphia Autism Center for Excellence and currently on the leadership committee for the Philadelphia Autism Project
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